Railway driving simulator

To ensure vocational training and competence gaining of future train drivers while supervised by senior driving instructors we designed and developed a railway driving simulator in line with latest international UIC651 and UIC612 standards that guide and govern construction, ergonomics and functionality of cabs and driving desks for all new rail vehicles. The assembly utilizes components from the construction of real rail vehicles and is provided with a machine room simulator. Provided in the package, a special software console for the driving instructor to monitor the simulation progress and tigger over 70 alarms and faulta to the simulated rail vehicle in order to provide an authentic, in-depth training experience that will eventually generate student compartmental behaviors specific to driver’s actual job. The package as a whole is deliverable as a complete “turn-key” solution, with the possibility to have a pre-training session for relevant users and personnel-instructors, IT technicians, maintenance technicians, etc.

Tha simulator proposes a method of training based on virtual reality thus offering extensive possibilities regarding the exposure of students to real-life replicated situations and procedural training, all based on scripted or random events. Training target group is not limited to train drivers and can be extended to train conductors, maintenance and emergency personnel or any rail safety related professional category. The technical solution is set to achieve the following key training points:

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